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Scholarships and Grants

There is a wide range of scholarships and awards available to Proventus students at all stages of their study.


Master Management Cybernetics / Master Management Kybernetiker/-in (Proventus)

We currently offer scholarships to students residing outside the European Union member states wishing to enroll in the Master Management Kybernetiker/in (Proventus) study program. 

Simply get in touch with us to receive your information package.

Scholarship numbers are limited.

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Research Grants

Supporting a new generation of researchers

We pride ourselves in engaging in and supporting high level inter-disciplinary research. Whether you are a Proventus student or staff member, we would like to learn about your research idea or project.

We support junior and senior researchers alike in their quest to contribute to scientific advancement in their chosen discipline.

Scholarships and Grants: Admissions
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