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Online Learning.

Our Online Study Difference

Our study programs combine the best of two worlds!

You will have weekly classes with an expert lecturer in the subject area you are studying through our weekly virtual lecture series. In these weekly webinars your lecturer will explain concepts and important content of your study material, and - most importantly - answer your questions. 

In other words, we don't believe online learning should follow the format where somebody uploads material to an internet platform, and you - the student - are left on your own to study.

You will get to know your lecturer, and your lecturer will get to know you. You will have scheduled virtual meetings for individual questions and feedback. This relationship will foster your learning and support you in your success. 

You therefore will have the same benefits as students enrolling in a face-to-face learning environment.

In addition you will enjoy all the benefits of a regular online study program: total flexibility in allocating your study time, control over where and when you study and with whom, where even national boundaries and time zones do not limit your study options. Our weekly virtual lectures will be recorded so you can access them either as a live-stream, or at a later point in time at your convenience. We schedule the virtual meetings with your lecturers around your individual requirements to a mutually agreed upon time to ensure you enjoy maximum flexibility.

Your success is our success. Welcome to your PATHWAY TO SUCCESS.

Welcome to the Proventus Institute. 

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