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Data Analytics and Research Immersion Course

This course is for both

  • ambitious, forward-thinking professionals starting in a data driven insight or analysis role (e.g. business analyst, big data analyst/ report writer, market insights specialist, researcher, data scientists, business intelligence analyst), and

  • students interested in a progressive, supportive and valuable course to acquire analytics and research skills for their data driven research projects.

Why "Immersion" Course?

This course takes you beyond the walls and limitations of a classroom where you learn from a prescribed textbook for an exam!

We strongly believe the greatest learning happens when you "do". You will plan and design, and take responsibility for the outcome of a real-life data task and project.

You will be taught and guided by a leading professional in Analytics and Research who fully immerses you in a real analytics/ research project, where you apply new skills and knowledge instantly. You will produce real and valuable outputs, all in a safe and fun learning environment!

A course that produces successful Analysts and Researchers. Globally! 

We teach this course at several universities in the UK, Germany and New Zealand at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The course is offered at several faculties ranging from ICT, Sciences, and Business. 

We also teach this course to professionals worldwide and have contributed to the success of their data analytics career.

Requirements: You have numerical skills at a minimum year-12 school leaving certificate level. You have experience working with standard software packages and are computer literate. Familiarity with spreadsheet software is an advantage. You have the ability to successfully converse in written English to produce reports for a professional audience.  

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Data Analytics and Research Immersion Course: Academics
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I completed the course in 2018. It was really useful for my career and did not feel like school at all. The hands-on learning approach kept me going and learning all the time. My professor was very good in guiding and facilitating us through a really complex research and analytics project. Highly recommended.

Kris Michaels

Data Analytics and Research Immersion Course: Testimonial
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Meet your lecturer

Prof. Markus Klose

Markus is a German born New Zealander who has taught thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate students in Marketing and Management since 2006. Prior to his academic career he worked as a consultant, business analyst and trainer for professional development programs in various industries.

He has vast experience in data analytics and has taught various research and analysis courses at universities and training providers in the US, the UK, Germany and New Zealand.

About his teaching approach he says "I don't believe in a typical university teaching approach, where the professor lectures and hundreds of students are listening, trying to make sense of the lecture to pass a theoretical exam. If you really want to learn something you need to do it, and be fully engaged."

Markus is a co-founder of the Proventus Institute and serves as the institute's Managing Director and CEO.  He is a Member of the Institute of Directors, a Member of the Research Association of New Zealand, and a Fellow of the Canadian International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics.

He has won multiple awards for innovations in research, system research and his contribution to research in applied artificial intelligence. In his spare time Markus enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid traveler.

Data Analytics and Research Immersion Course: How it Works
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